Window Blinds Cleaning, Drapes, Luminettes, Silhouetts, and other Window Treatment Cleaning

Are your old, dusty, dirty, or yellowing window treatments making your home, office look unattractive and ugly? Ultra Clean Blinds & window Treatments will clean your blinds, drapes, or other window treatments and have them looking new with just one visit! This includes blinds of all brands, styles, and materials.

IMG_4328For Blinds Cleaning, drapes, Luminettes, Silhouetts, and any or all of your window treatment cleaning in Naples FL, call Ultra Clean Blinds & Window Treatments. In addition to cleaning, Ultra Clean Blinds will also repair and restring your broken blinds, cellular shades and verticals. Having regular cleaning and maintenance on your blinds can save you large amounts of money in the end and prevent you from having to purchase and install new window treatments every few years.

Call Ultra Clean Blinds today to set up an appointment at your home or office. Ultra Clean Blinds will have your window treatments, blinds, and drapes looking brand new in no time at a fair price! Mike is a Certified Fabricare Specialist.


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